Monday, February 7, 2011

C'mon Get Happy this Valentine's Weekend!

Feel the love this Valentine's Weekend with David Cassidy and the Omaha Symphony!
Friday, Feb. 11 @ 8 PM
Saturday, Feb. 12 @ 8 PM
Sunday, Feb. 13 @ 2 PM
Call 402.342.3560 OR Click here for tickets.

FUN FACT-->We're entertaining some folks from across the pond this weekend: 17 from the UK, 5 from the Netherlands, and 1 from Switzerland. Nothing can keep those European fans from David Cassidy! Most of them are going to all 3 shows, too!


Anonymous said...

Hey, please do not forget us loyal U.S. fans who also love David and support him the same way at this concert!! And many of us U.S. fans l fly all over US and to the UK to see him there.
Just sayin...!

Anonymous said...

U.S. fans don't push their travel distance on venues to ask for special favors at concerts - like demanding front row seats over other fans just because "we came all the way here from England." Don't patronize venues that give into tactics such as that!

Ruthie Lawton said...

Why didn't you interview actual Omaha David Cassidy fans. Where is the local pride for our residents?? I will not go to this venue again. I will go to out of town ones - why should I support local venue when local venue does not appreciate local resident audiences. I could not get a front seat AS A LOCAL!!

Greg Dunleavy said...

So 22 foreign fans are flying in to see David Cassidy. (chuckle) Hardly the LARGE number of loyal fans traveling thousands of miles the World-Herald article claimed. And seats still available doesn't sound like he has that big of a fanbase any longer.