Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cassidy on performing in Omaha: "I cannot wait"

Don't miss the huge David Cassidy/Omaha Symphony spread in today's Omaha World-Herald GO! section... it's fantastic with very Valentine visuals--pinks, reds, and lots of dreamy pics of this former teen heartthrob.

Here's a great quote:
“I cannot wait,” Cassidy said during a recent phone interview from his home in Florida. “This is a very special occasion for me and a really exciting one. I feel so enthusiastic about it. It's really, genuinely got my blood racing.”

The source of all that excitement is a series of concerts Cassidy will perform with the Omaha Symphony. The singer-actor takes the stage of the Holland Performing Arts Center for three concerts Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Read the whole article--click HERE. Thanks to reporter Niz Proskocil and the entire Omaha World-Herald team for such great (and fun!) coverage.


Rose Neeley said...

The next time the Omaha Symphony does a fund-raiser or wants local residents to support its shows - I think you should contact your "precious overseas fans" and ask them for money in the future. They do not come to OS any other time, but yet they are ass-kissed by our local venue over those of us who actually live here. Where is your OMAHA PRIDE, OS???? And you gave front row seats ONLY to foreign fans!

Don't Get Me Started said...

David Cassidy doesn't do anything special for those overseas fans because they are always in the front at every concert they go so it's no big deal to him anymore. And they only will go to see him if they can sit in the front, and will not go to a show if they get seats further back, so really how loyal fans are they?? And they dress like hookers thinking he will take up with one of them after the show. They are delusional and ruin concert experience for other fans. It is not about seeing David, it is about David seeing them! They are pathetic women!! And David knows how they are! He has reprimanded them and has even changed hotels when he sees they checked into same ones as him in any city.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what show you people were at - were you there at all? It was great and the foreign fans were polite and pleasant when you spoke to them. Don't lose sight of the fact that this show got a lot of publicity for OS and those fans that came from overseas paid for 4 shows and donated the tickets for the 4th show back to the OS to be sold again, so they did contribute extra funding to the OS - and they spent a lot of money in Omaha. I saw local residents sitting in the front row and enjoying the show... Those of us who live in Omaha should be rightly proud of the OS and should be glad that foreign visitors want to come along whether for David Cassidy or any other artist... but if they read spiteful comments like yours they won't want to come back again. I think that the OS did us proud and I hope David Cassidy and his fans DO come back again... they were nicer than both of you seem to be

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anonymous, I was one of those David Cassidy fans that attended the concerts in omaha, myself and my friends travel quite a lot to see David and dont allways get front row seats but we still come, its not about getting front row seats as some people seem to imply, and if we do get front row seats its not by doing anything different than anyone else can do. All I know is we had a wonderful time, in fact one of the best trips we have ever been on, all the people in Omaha that we spoke to were absolutely wonderful, the staff at our hotel (homewood suites) were great and couldnt have been more helpful, all the staff at the venue and box office were extremely helpful and friendly towards us and I know we wouLD would love to come back again,The omaha symphony were fabulous and Omaha residents should be very proud of them, I would love to see them again if I lived nearer.
Thank you for a delightful experience that I hope we can repeat.