Monday, October 5, 2009

Learn about the audition process & meet our newest musician!

"Playing was never such hard work as at an audition"
By John Pitcher, Omaha World-Herald
Published - 10/4/2009

"Libby Barnette’s lucky number must be 4.

Last Monday, the veteran French horn player engaged in one of classical music’s most agonizing rituals. She auditioned for a symphony job.

After a grueling eight-hour day of high-stress playing and anxious waiting, Barnette, 39, won the job. It was her fourth audition for the Omaha Symphony in as many years. She beat out 19 musicians to become the orchestra’s newest part-time section player.

“I knew I had it in me,” said Barnette, who looked both relieved and spent after her artistic and emotional ordeal.

An Omaha resident, Barnette had good reason to feel elated. Jobs with professional orchestras are not plentiful."

READ the entire story HERE. Thank you to reporter John Pitcher for his coverage of this process.

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