Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thomas Talks... about Omaha, Detroit, and Hollywood, too!

QUESTION: What are you most proud of in Omaha?

ANSWER: The enthusiasm, energy and artistry with which these musicians are now playing for me. We just did the last three subscription weeks to close the season, starting with "The Rite of Spring," which was a phenomenal performance, then a Dvorak Ninth that was also stunning, and we ended the season with a Mahler Fifth that took me days to come down from.

The other thing that I really like is that our education programs are still strong and still a high priority. I conduct a concert on every series, including the family series and pops series, because I wanted the organization and the community to know that I think all of those things are equally important.

Q: Your emphasis on community involvement sounds like Leonard Slatkin's..............

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