Monday, December 8, 2008

Featuring Mike Eldred...

The Omaha Symphony is excited to welcome Mike Eldred for this year's production of "Christmas with the Symphony."

Here's what people have said about this talent from Tennessee:

“Mike Eldred gives a soul-piercing performance....”
Variety Magazine
“…..But, among the highlights, Mike Eldred sings "Maria"…”
Billboard Magazine
“The voices are stellar. Mike Eldred (as the Husband) soars in what may be the show's loveliest, most personal song.”
Chicago Sun-Times
“His amazing voice - a high-flying, full-bodied tenor, intensely romantic, alternately wrenching and joyful - was so compelling that you forgot you were in a theater, forgot everything but the sound pouring out of his throat.”

To hear him for yourself, click here.

Tickets are going fast to this show - we expect sold-out crowds - so get your tickets now to "Christmas with the Symphony!"

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