Monday, November 17, 2008

Keeping Score!

Have you ever felt lost at a symphony concert? Like you didn't know what to listen for? Like you didn't understand the piece's background?

Well, we're trying something new this weekend for the Vivaldi's Four Seasons concert, called "Keeping Score," designed to help you find more meaning in the music!

It's the brainchild of guest conductor Michael Christie. "Keeping Score" is a short, easy to follow “real time” guide to the music being performed, including brief notations about the composer’s intentions and the orchestra’s interpretation of the music. Keeping Score was created to give the listener immediate information about the piece of music being played as the performance occurs. Descriptive terms are used to assist the listener in identifying musical gestures and pointing out extra-musical ideas the composer is trying to express in the music. Musical terminology is translated and briefly explained. To allow each audience member the opportunity to enjoy the performance in his or her own way, the numbers corresponding to those in this program are discreetly projected above the orchestra.

Get your tickets to this interactive concert here. Then check out the insert in your program and look for the numbers projected above the orchestra... sync them up and voila! We hope this adds to your concert experience. Let us know!

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